Meet Our Team

Our company wants to make a difference by providing not only excellent solutions and services to customers but also by creating a great working environment that supports, respects and enriches our employees personal and professional lives and development. We care about employee growth and happiness, and base our success on our team’s full commitment, loyalty and open creative mind. We want people to join us because of our spirit, our culture and our courage. We dare to be different in all aspects, and we strive to be a unique, preferred IT service provider and employer.
Anja Heck Managing Director
Anja Heck

Managing Director

SWT is about best customer service and true inspiration. It comes from our people who love what they do and want to give it their best in a supportive working environment that is based on our clients’ trust.

“Do what you say, say what you do”

Joao Paulo Maluf IT Specialist
Joao Paulo Maluf

IT Specialist

No one is anything alone, and if we want to do something big, something important that makes us proud, we must do it as a team.

That's why I choose Skywave Technologies.

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Chantamas Rungsrivonggottip Admin & Accounting Officer
Chantamas Rungsrivonggottip

Admin & Accounting Officer

At SWT we work as a team while contributing our individual strength to achieve the goal. SWT allows us to explore our own interest and continuously improve our knowledge and skills with hands-on experience. This has tremendously motivated us to reach our highest potential.

“Use what you have to run toward your best.”

Patinya Sinlapapakdee Marketing Officer
Patinya Sinlapapakdee

Marketing Officer

Our team at Skywave Technologies is friendly competent and helpful. I am always inspired by the hard work and dedication that the other staff show on a daily basis. I am grateful that SWT has given me this opportunity to grow and acquire new skills. Additionally, my favorite thing about working at Skywave Technologies is the flexible work schedule that allows me manage my time between working and studying.

“The best path to success is to love what you are doing.”

Niphon Sae-Aung Support Engineer
Niphon Sae-Aung

Support Engineer

I am very grateful for the opportunity SWT has given to me to discover my hidden skills and also gain experience at work. I am really happy to be part of this team.

“The time you enjoy wasting is not waste time.”

Natthaphol Mokedara Assistant Development Manager
Natthaphol Mokedara

Assistant Development Manager

At SWT it is a pleasure to work for a company that is growing in the right direction and takes care of employees. I love the people I work beside. They are my family. I love the work environment and the camaraderie that is formed with co-workers. My job challenges me every day in different ways, and SWT encourages to learn and grow.

“The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today.”

Panutat Latplee Senior Web Developer
Panutat Latplee

Senior Web Developer

Language is not a problem at SWT. Our teamwork always helps us to communicate very well, even when the job gets complicated. Everybody is friendly, and I feel encouraged to move forward with my ideas.

“Do not leave anyone behind, if we can move forward together.”

Katawut Utaipaisalwong Senior Web Developer
Katawut Utaipaisalwong

Senior Web Developer

At SWT. I feel good because the company very much values employees. The facilities and tools that company provided here help me a lot for working. People here are also friendly and we help each other. I can say that I’m happy to be a part of the team here.

“Work hard in silence. Let success make the noise.”

Somprasong Chaengkramon Senior Web & Graphic Designer
Somprasong Chaengkramon

Senior Web & Graphic Designer

With more than 10 years as graphics designer, I think SWT is unique because I can work from home, I also have flexible start and finish times. I spend as much quality time with my kids without any effects or problems to delivering projects. That's why I love working at SWT, I have a good balance between work and life.

“What are you doing today to make tomorrow better?”

Here are several ways to contact us

In case you need help

Offshore Software Development

IT Check up

Get an expert opinion about the current status of your IT system, together with recommendations for improvements of critical issues and optimization of the system as a whole. You will receive an easy-to-understand, detailed report and competent advice to help you get the efficiency and reliability you always expected from IT.

Offshore Software Development

Support Online

Don't hesitate to call us if you urgently need to speak to experts who don’t hesitate to help you. Support is our first action, no matter if you are a regular or on-demand client.

Offshore Software Development

Support Mail

You can easily and immediately reach our friendly, service-minded team 24/7 just by sending your inquiry to Our Support
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